Virginia Burnett   

Virginia Burnett was born in 1913 in Denver, Colorado, but was raised in Burlingame, California. She took numerous art classes while attending San Jose State College. Following graduation, Virginia worked for an Asian art dealer, G.T. Marsh, in San Francisco, California. Later, Virginia became a free-lance fashion artist until she married in 1940. Thereafter, Virginia painted mainly for her own pleasure, usually in her favorite medium, watercolors.

For twenty years (1965-1985), Virginia and her husband traveled the world, visiting many exotic, off-the-beaten-path places. On these trips, instead of taking photographs, Virginia very quickly painted many small watercolor studies.

Starting in 1978, Virginia focused her art on flowers, completing many realistic and luminous paintings that make conventional "botanicals" seem old fashioned and very stuffy. Virginia always painted from live flowers, most of which grew in the large garden at her home in Atherton, California. Virginia's flower paintings have been exhibited in one-person shows in several famous California wineries and in galleries in Hawaii. Around 1983, when her eldest son began collecting exotic birds, Virginia began to add birds to her paintings. The photo is from that era.

Sadly, Virginia was afflicted with Alzheimer's disease. In 1994, Virginia's family decided to release its private collection of her work for publication to enable other people to be cheered by Virginia's floral paintings. By the time these two limited edition lithographs were made, Virginia could no longer paint or sign her name. Consequently, her family authorized a facsimile of Virginia's signature to be printed on the limited edition print. Virginia passed away in l996.

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