Golden Gate Gallery Tour    

Hints for Touring the Gallery

To take the tour, just click below on "Start the Tour" and you will visit the first artist's collection.
Navigation should be easy: Clicking on the thumbnail images or on the titles will take you to a large
image of the artwork with a table of data. If you want to inquire about a work, just click the Inquire
button for contact information. Otherwise, return to the collection by clicking on or scrolling
to the bottom and clicking on "Back to Collection". Or just click the back button on your browser.

In each collection, complete navigation aids are at the bottom. Clicking on "Next Artist" and
"Previous Artist" should produce the obvious effect. If you see "More", there is another page to the
current artist's collection. Clicking on "About the Artist" will bring up biographical information.
There are obvious ways to return to the collection.

Arrows at the top of pages are also for navigation:

Continue the tour with the next artist OR return to the tour from another level
Go to another page of images from the same artist
Go back to the previous artist OR to a collection from an exhibit page
Go back to the Golden Gate Gallery home page

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