Golden Gate Gallery Glossary    
Definitions of Gallery Terms

Artist Proof
When artists make serigraphs and stone lithographs, they adjust aspects of the
printing process until they achieve the desired effect. All prints made during
this phase of printing the edition are set aside and called, appropriately, "artist proofs".
Because of the adjustments, each artist proof is unique and differs from the main body
of the edition. The same phrase is applied to a few prints reserved from an offset
lithographic reproduction although they are exactly like other prints in the edition.

Canvas Transfer
The ink of a lithograph is lifted off the paper and deposited onto a canvas, creating
an image that rivals an original painting.

Two visually connected works that are normally displayed side-by-side.

Giclée Print
Giclée is said to mean "spray of ink" in French. Giclée prints are made by scanning
an art image into a computer. The digitized image is then printed directly onto paper
or canvas by means of a very large scale, specialized ink jet printer.
Giclée prints are also sometimes called "Iris" prints after Iris Graphics, the
company which first made the large printers.

Limited Edition
Any reproduction whose run is limited to a fixed number of copies, often signed
and numbered.

A four-color reproduction of an original painting made by offset lithography.

Poster/Open Edition
A reproduction, usually a four-color lithograph, whose run is not limited.

A silk screen print hand-made by the artist and/or helpers.

Plate Signed: A reproduction of the artist's original signature printed as
part of a lithograph.

Hand Signed and Numbered by the artist; the signature can be in the margin
or inside the image.

An original canvas or canvas transfer is stretched on bars in preparation
for framing.