About Golden Gate Gallery  

Frequently Asked Questions

Gallery Facts

Golden Gate Gallery is not a traditional gallery with a specific geographic location, but a
cybergallery accessible from all over the world. It is operated by Advantage Quest,
a firm that has been distributing fine art since 1993. As its name implies, the Gallery has
a special affinity for the art of the San Francisco Bay Area. The mission of Golden Gate Gallery
is to facilitate the meeting of artists and art collectors for their mutual benefit.

Mail Address:
Golden Gate Gallery
57 E. Carmel Valley Road
Carmel Valley, CA 93924

Golden Gate Gallery is operated by Advantage Quest / AQART
Phone: 831-659-1066
E-mail: Due to excessive spam,
we have removed our address here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:   How faithful are the images on the site to the actual works of art?

A:   It depends. Obviously, a small reproduction cannot begin to match the impact
of a large work of art, and the limitations of digital reproduction can mask details
in the original work. More importantly, colors may not be accurate. Fidelity can be
lost anywhere in the sequence of steps from photographing the original through
scanning and image processing to display on your computer screen. Although both
the artist and the Gallery work hard to reproduce the colors accurately, we can't
know how your own color monitor is calibrated. That's why we offer a refund if
you are not pleased with the artwork when it arrives.

Q:   Can I get a higher quality picture?

A:   Serious shoppers can be sent a higher resolution picture upon inquiry.

Q:   Can I keep a copy of the images that I download?

A:   Golden Gate Gallery permits you to keep a few images on your own computer
for future reference. But all the images are copyrighted by the artists; any further
use is a violation of their copyright and is subject to legal action.